an army man’s pride

Shweta Shalini was born in Bihar in 1980. Having an Army Officer as her father naturally instilled deep love for her country and a sense of patriotism in her. Her family comes with roots dipped deep in Indian Culture and belief in Hindutva. Her father was active in the JP Movement before joining the Army. As a result he encouraged his kids to be known by their names and not by their caste or surname. He was responsible for imparting self-esteem and pride in Shweta, and nurtured her leadership skills too.

Shweta is my elder sister. She was and still is the one I would confidently depend on for advice on any. Our parents brought us up as responsible individuals and she has always been a pillar to me.

A nomadic school life

Shweta has travelled extensively and frequently changed her schools across India as a part of her nomadic life. These journeys have made her understand India and its people. With the army culture in her home not only did she turn out to be a staunch nationalist, but she also became a disciplined person with great respect for people.

I have known Shweta for the last two decades which is as early as school days. She had this "Can Do" attitude since day one. Her never dying spirit to fight for the right cause and to stand against all odds has brought her to this level. She has always been there for the people in need. A dynamic yet composed woman sets as an icon for the ever growing identity of an Indian Woman.

Blossoming of a leader

A born leader, Shweta’s skills were cultivated in the early student days in school and college. She was smart and active in co-curricular activities, especially Debates and Public Speaking with a good command over English and Hindi. This opened ample possibilities for her to be recognized as a leader and was counted among the youth as a youth icon in the global platform. Shweta also wrote technical papers on innovation and product design showing her strength in the subject.

When I met her for the first time, I knew she would make a friend for a lifetime. She was very active in co-curricular activities and steered various committees in the college. Shweta used to pick up various issues in colleges and actively contribute to them. I remember that she had actively led the first agitation of the college in the girls’ hostel. I instantly knew that a leader was born.

Becoming Ayodhya’s daughter

Shweta married Ankush, an IT entrepreneur and a multifaceted businessman with many lines of business. Ankush belongs to Ayodhya and they got married in Pune. After marriage, Shweta picked up various initiatives with her family in and around Ayodhya. Presently, they lead the the Saryu River Arti and also serve a few temples, Sita ki Rasoi being the most famous.

I love my wife and even though we do not get to spend time as a regular couple would, I am proud of her and what she has achieved. She is a determined person with great focus with her heart at the right place.

Double trouble

She became a mother to two adorable twin boys, Ansh and Lakshya, in 2007. She worked closely and experimentally with her kids from an early age by adopting various early learning methods. This helped her to understand the education pattern in children to better it for the future. Shweta, apart from being a doting mother, works round-the-clock with determination, dedication, discipline and devotion for the nation proving her energy and zeal to remain focused all the time.

It’s amazing how my sister finds time to be with her children in little ways as I always see her so busy with work and I’m proud of her. The children are so very active in all spheres just like their parents. It just inspires me to have a work-life balance, just the way Shweta manages to!

Making her own story

Shweta ventured into becoming an entrepreneur and a successful business woman, who leads a diverse business portfolio across digital design, training, consulting, business development and defense equipment industry. She had two successful entrepreneurial ventures - Fortune Cookie Marketing Solutions and Real Time Wave before her foray into politics.

Shweta is a member of Young Entrepreneur Council and a contributor to various magazines. She consults with SMEs to help them set up smart, sustainable and profitable businesses. As an entrepreneur, Shweta has always encouraged people to understand the power of information technology and leverage it to their advantage.

An inspiring leader Shweta has always motivated people around her to pursue their dreams and to achieve more than they thought possible. She had been the inspiration of many young women to become founders and respected leaders in their own fields.

She was my 1st boss when I joined Fortune Cookie and my first impression was that she was super focused and really strict. But as time passed by I realized that I’m learning a lot from her and even though it became rough sometimes she was empathetic. Under her guidance I reached new heights.

Her mission, her passion

Shweta formed her mission- TO EMPOWER PEOPLE.

With the determination of a leader, inspiration of a guide, focus and discipline of a good learner, she works round the clock passionately to fulfill her mission.

She envisions India as a Superpower. Shweta believes this is possible only if there is change in the grass root level of the nation. This requires the empowerment of people in the rural community and she is striving to uplift them. For this, she trusts the power of technology and the last mile implementation of policies. One of the major projects that implements both these aspects for a change at the grass root level is the Village Transformation Mission.

I want to work for changing the present system of governance and to make it more responsible and accountable to suit the requirement of the nation and its citizens to the best possible extent.

The people’s person

Shweta became the spokesperson of BJP Maharashtra, and leads as a government policy implementation expert who has ushered in a new era of politics. Apart from being an entrepreneur, she also emerges as an Indian market expert, speaker, syndicated blogger, philanthropist, youth icon and a thought leader in politics, marketing, technology, design and learning industry.

When I saw Shweta- ji for the first time, she was volunteering which lead me to think that she was a student. Later, I got an opportunity to visit her home and that is when I realized that she had two kids and was leading a team of 1000 people as an entrepreneur! This is how a true ‘Karyakarta’ should be. She will always remain a ‘Karyakarta’.

A strategist leading through inspiration

Shweta strategized all state and local body elections across Maharashtra. Her notable work was when she successfully led BJP’s war room for various elections in 2017. She formed a state of the art war room, managed the social media campaign and led thousands of BJP members and volunteers to fetch an extraordinary victory for BJP.

I met Shweta Shalini for the first time in KDMC. When I saw her language barrier and corporate background, I was sure that she won’t survive amidst the political battles in KDMC. I am surprised that she not only survived, but under her able leadership we were able to crack the elections and win 4 times the seats!

Marching towards glory

Currently, she is the official spokesperson for BJP, Maharashtra. As a young political leader, she has represented the party and the country and travelled extensively across the world, interacted with top political leaders, CEOs and other Social & Business entrepreneurs. She nurtures a sense of national pride in her roots that lie in the great tradition and glorious history of India, especially north India.

A strong believer in team work, she ensures democratic process in decision making and takes up all social and political assignments with great enthusiasm along with shouldering the responsibility for the outcome of all decisions.

She loves to work with the young generation so as to help them emerge as confident, responsible and self-reliant citizens of India in future. She is keen to work with honest, patriotic, courageous, hardworking and sincere personalities to enable their contribution in a good governance.

Shweta-ji has always inspired us to use our youth in the better ways. It is amazing how she handles everything so well and manages to inspire many of us. Under her guidance we want to work for our country and see it flourish for the better. She is a true leader and we find ourselves more accomplished with her.

A Social Calling - Forms various initiatives

She started her life in a small city and gradually rose to become one of the pioneering entrepreneur and politician in India. She strongly believes that the young generation is truly sincere, dedicated and keen to adopt new practices and technologies to contribute to the development of country. With this belief in today’s youth, she took many initiatives. Read more about her various initiatives below.

To inspire and lead is the virtue of a few. Shweta is just one of those few. It is rare to find someone who is so clear with her intentions, so great in focus and so high in energy to make it all happen. The various initiatives that she has taken to make the system better is only a small evidence of it. I have always found myself lucky and blessed to be working with a lady like her.