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Shweta Shalini is a published columnist and a sought-after speaker whose speeches, talks and panel discussions on wide range of subjects have been appreciated by the audience across various platforms. Her political writings have been noteworthy while her non-political writings in the prestigious “Entrepreneur” magazine regarding Entrepreneurship was appreciated by the Start-up community. She is also a regular contributor in the OpIndia platform where she had taken stand as a BJP Spokesperson explaining the position of her party on various political issues of the day. Her Article in the London based India Inc magazine pitched Maharashtra as the most favoured destination for the Start-up community due to the progressive policies of the State of Maharashtra. Awards &Recognitions:

 1) Entrepreneur of the Year 2011

2) Digital Media excellence award 2017 by hands of Vijay Bhatkar.

3) ICICI Bank recognised in Fund Your Own worth, Your Story.

4) Cyber Suraksh India Award 2017

5) Vithumauli Puraskar 2016

6) Adarsh Mahila Puraskar (Model women award) 2017

7) Rashtriya Gaurav Puraskar

8) Inspiring Indian Woman Award 2022

She is a regular speaker and debater in all prominent national channels.

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